School Board Discusses Moving Forward on Mill and Bond

posted Aug 1, 2016, 8:04 PM by Michael Clark   [ updated Aug 1, 2016, 8:05 PM ]
The BOE met last Thursday to get more input from the community regarding a mill and bond. They have asked Superintendent McMinimee for potential ballot language.  The board will meet again on August 2nd to discuss the matter further.  Below is a brief synopsis of the discussion so far.

  • The Jeffco Board of Education has been considering whether or not to place a mill and bond proposal on November 2016 ballot since they approved the school district's Facilities Master Plan.  
  • Before considering a mill and bond, the BOE reviewed the Facilities Master Plan proposed by Superintendent McMinimee’s cabinet.  An online survey, 12 community meetings, and two community phone calls were used to solicit feedback from the community.  Based on that feedback, the BOE approved changes to the Facilities Master Plan.
  • The BOE has discussed the mill levy and bond at three board meetings (6/14, 6/16, & 7/28).  Public comment was available at the last two of those meetings.  You can find the proposed allocation of a bond and mill here.  Video of these meetings can be found here.

The BOE will have another opportunity for public comment regarding the mill and bond at the August 2nd meeting.  Signup for public comment can be found here.  

We will have an article on the specifics of the mill and bond later this week if the board moves forward on 8/2/16.  We highly encourage everyone to email the board with their comments or concerns.