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School Representatives

With over 150 schools in Jeffco, it can be quite a challenge to keep apprised of everything happening in Jeffco.  That's where our School Representatives come in.  School Representatives are our eyes and ears in understanding the needs of Jeffco's students.  Every school has diverse student bodies with different stories and different needs.  Help connect the Jeffco community with your school by keeping us informed. 

Primary duties include:
  • Once a month, provide Articulation Area Representatives with a list of upcoming events that would be of interest to the general community.
  • Promote CRE to members of your school community
  • Communicate news from CRE to members of your school community.
  • Inform CRE of pressing issues or needs at your local school
  • Write an article about your school that highlights significant accomplishments or addresses a pressing issue.  Give our community insight into both the challenges and successes of your school. (optional)