SBB, Finding the Complete Picture

Several people in the Jeffco community have voiced concerns regarding Student Based Budgeting (SBB).  If implemented correctly, SBB has the potential to benefit students overall.  A school could find better solutions to its unique needs under the SBB system. However, it the district fails to properly address all the aspects of SBB, many students could be adversely affected.  For instance, if a school’s funding is dropped too low, it won’t be able to fully address the students’ needs.

The key to SBB’s success hinges on how well Jeffco’s central administration handles three critical aspects.   First, the district must efficiently account for important factors such as size, type (Elementary, MS, HS), and student populations with unique needs (FRL, SPED, GT, Kindergarten), and transition needs.  Second, the administration at each school must be properly trained, and the staff needs to have the necessary resources that will help them properly implement SBB with input from teachers, parents, and the community.  Lastly, the district needs to have a program in place that ensures that any school’s SBB adequately addresses the needs of students.  

Public input on district initiatives like SBB can add fresh ideas and unique perspectives.  However, the district has not given the community the tools they need to participate in the overall discussion.  While many parents understand the changes that will occur at their child’s school, several have stated that don’t have a complete picture of how SBB will affect all of Jeffco’s schools.  Without this information, it is hard for the community to add to the discussion of SBB at the district level.

That is why we are launching a series of articles that will examine how SBB affects Jeffco’s many unique schools.  For the next few weeks, we will be visiting schools daily.  We will be asking school administrators or SAC members how SBB is being implemented at their school.  We plan to visit a diverse group of schools so we can fully examine how SBB will affect students.  We will post a profile for each school that will include demographics and the proposed budget changes.  Afterwards, we will analyze what is going well for SBB and potential areas of concern.  Our ultimate goal is to make sure the public is more fully informed.

Please keep in mind that we are reporting on proposed budgets.  It is possible that some aspects may change later on without our knowledge.  If you feel any of our reports are out of date or inaccurate, please let us know.  Also, if anyone feels that a certain school needs to be profiled, please contact us at