Lakewood High School


School Type:9-12 High School
Student population:Over 2,000
Students that qualify for Free Lunch:500 (approximate)

Students that qualify for Reduced Lunch:

250 (approximate)
Net effect of funding due to SBB: LHS will receive additional funds in 2014/15
Special Programs: International Baccalaureate
Additional Information: LHS was recognized by US News Week as one of   Colorado’s best high schools in 2013 & 2014.


Planned Changes Due to SBB:

Additional Resources

- 1 social worker, part-time

- 2.5 full-time teachers 

- 1 instructional coach

- 2 campus security position

Resources Lost


The Discussion:

Mrs. Lisa Ritchey, LHS’s principal, was kind enough to speak with me about how SBB is being implemented at her school.  She has high hopes for SBB and believes that the changes at LHS will have a positive impact on students.  When I asked her what she liked about SBB, she mentioned the flexibility.  For example, under the old budget system all schools, whether they have 200 students or 2,000 students, were allocated only one paraprofessional to staff the main office desk.  With SBB, schools can add some extra support in areas where they have unique needs.  

Mrs. Ritchey also stated that a key element of LHS’s SBB planning was community involvement.  LHS collaborated with its local School Accountability Committee on SBB.  LHS will focus most of its new resources on additional teachers and support staff.  

At the end of our discussion she added that her door is always open if a parent or community member has any questions or concerns about SBB.  


I would like to thank Mrs. Ritchey.  I sincerely appreciate that she took time out of her day to speak with us.