Jeffco Needs to be Competitive to Attract and Retain Great Teachers

Colorado is currently facing a teacher shortage.  The Colorado Office of Economic Development recently found that Colorado annually produces 2,000 graduates to fill empty teacher positions.  However, approximately 3,400 positions are opening up every year.  While some of this is mitigated by some teachers moving to the state, Colorado school districts are unable to fill all their open positions.

This shortage has placed a burden on both rural and metro area school districts.  As the workforce pool continues to shrink, it becomes harder for school districts like Jeffco to attract and retain amazing teachers.  As the pool of available teachers continues to dwindle, Jeffco must find a way to stand out in the job marketplace.

Part of this can be overcome by creating an amazing work environment.  Multiple studies have found that millennials prefer a job that has a positive work environment, offers career development opportunities, and has a decent work/life balance.  It is imperative that Jeffco continues to develop a work culture that appeals to hard-working millennials. 

However, a good work environment is only one part of the equation.  The other factor in attracting and retaining great talent is a competitive salary.  Currently, Jeffco’s average starting pay is lower than most of the surrounding metro school districts.  Jeffco’s average salary is $4,135 below the average salary of the eight largest school districts in the metro area.  Jeffco's average salary is over $16,000 less than Boulder, and it ranks fifth out of the eight largest metro school districts.  While Jeffco doesn’t need to have the highest salaries in the metro area, it needs to remain competitive.  Several former Jeffco teachers that were hired by Boulder reported a salary increase of $7,500 to $10,000.

If this drastic pay disparity isn’t addressed, Jeffco will continue to lose great teachers to districts like Boulder and Cherry Creek.  Jeffco’s mill proposal will address this need by allocating resources to this vital need.  

 Rank, ave. teacher salary District Ave. Teacher Salary
 1Boulder  $71,574 
 2Cherry Creek  $67,939
 3Littleton  $64,738
 4Adams 12  $57,551
 5Jeffco  $54,922
 6Aurora  $54,230
 7 DougCo $51,274
 8Denver  $50,274 

        Large District Metro Average $59,057