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Equity-Focused Teaching [Outcomes Manipulation]

What is it?

Equity-Focused Teaching is a corrective teaching tool that makes excuses for student outcomes based on perceived systematic biases rather than by attributing those outcomes to individual shortcomings or poor teacher performance. Educators are taught that their students are not to blame for differing results in the classroom, but that a broken societal system is at fault.

Equity-Focused Teaching discourages educators from addressing a child's lack of internalization of the material by instead attributing that child's poor performance to personal experiences. Rather than working with the child toward subject mastery, a teacher will reward the student with a higher grade because society is at fault for his poor classroom performance.

Parents beware, for if you voice your objection to this teaching modality, you may be labeled a racist or a bigot for speaking out.

How can you spot it?

Terms like 'minoritized learning' (yes, that's a real thing) should tip you off that you're being dragged down the dangerous equity-focused learning pathway. Those that indoctrinate using this technique often refer to their method as a 'justice-oriented approach,' piggy-backing off of social justice initiatives. Unfortunately, social justice is not the same as actual justice. When you hear the term social justice, grab your children and run the other way.

Equity-Focused Teaching Deep Dive

What can be done about it? Get Involved.

1) Run for your local school board, city council or relevant committee.

2) Propose new policies or alter existing ones that eliminate childhood indoctrination (flag, sexual education & survey policies are perfect for this approach).

3) Report on the state of education in your local school. Capture videos of indoctrination in the classrooms, take photos or make copies of propaganda, including flags, posters, surveys and flyers and share with other parents/caregivers who may not be aware of what is happening in your school district.

4) Engage with like-minded communities across social arenas to share information/build awareness.


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