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Gender Ideology

What is it?

Simply stated, Gender Ideology is based on the idea that a child can be born in the wrong body. In some public school settings, children as young as five are being told that they can disregard the anatomy they've had since birth and choose their gender based on how they wish to identify at any given moment.

Gender ideologies are indoctrination paradigms that use gender as a spectrum that is separate from biological sex. When gender ideology is taught in school, a child may be encouraged to sexually express themselves outwardly, regardless of the environment or setting, and that this display should not only be accepted, but celebrated by society at large. As of this summary, the LGBTQ community recognizes over 70 gender classifications, most of which are linked with their own distinct pronouns.

While introducing the idea of gender-fluidity is not only confusing and harmful to children, teaching Gender Ideology fails to adequately acknowledge the scientific and biological reality of sex, that is, how the reproductive process is fundamental to perpetuating the human species.

Where did it come from?

Sex, Gender, and the Origin of the Culture Wars: An Intellectual History | The Heritage Foundation

How can you spot it?

Gender Identity Lessons: What schools are teaching students | The Washington Post

Gender Ideology Deep Dive

What can be done about it? Get Involved.

1) Run for your local school board, city council or relevant committee.

2) Propose new policies or alter existing ones that eliminate childhood indoctrination (flag, sexual education & survey policies are perfect for this approach).

3) Report on the state of education in your local school. Capture videos of indoctrination in the classrooms, take photos or make copies of propaganda, including flags, posters, surveys and flyers and share with other parents/caregivers who may not be aware of what is happening in your school district.

4) Engage with like-minded communities across social arenas to share information/build awareness.


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